It's more than a mission. More than a vision. It's the pursuit of inspiration.

    We Are You

    Systems, machines, applications… are the technologies we use to help support the people who use them to achieve their Why.

    Inspiration to lead

    Having a common goal motivates and inspires people. It leads them to other like-minded individuals with the same goals.

    Driving our Why

    Passion and intent are easy in good times, but when barriers stand in the way of your purpose, true passion will enable you to persevere.

    Lasting relationships

    A new and shiny gadget hits the market on a daily basis, but lasting partnerships are built on a foundation of trust and transparency.

Understanding our amibition at its core.

The catalyst behind Why

The concept of ‘Why’ was developed by award-winning author and inspirational leader, Simon Sinek. He concluded that the identity of an organization does not stem from what it does, but rather why the individuals within the organization do it. This core methodology centers around and begins with leadership.

Defining Why

Pinpointing an organization’s Why is not as easy as it sounds. It cannot be completed at the end of the workday, in a matter of minutes, over email. Uncovering your Why requires understanding “the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do.” Determining your Why can provide valuable insight into ascertaining direction, decision, and the meaning of achievement. Success in business always originates from a collection of unique contributors who share the same Why.

Our journey to Why

In order to uncover the Why of Convergence, our leadership team set out to answer the question “Why does our organization exist?” Among the myriad of self-reflecting questions, this is single handed the most difficult one for a business to answer. The team acknowledged that Convergence doesn’t exist because of technology, nor do we do what we do for the sole purpose of financial gain. Our cause is synonymous with our identity and at the foundation of our Why… People.

Bridging What you do with Why you do it.

The connection between Why you do What you do, and How you do it, drives behavior, decisions, and motivation. It challenges organizations to discern between leadership and management. The impact of recognizing and acting in accordance with your Why establishes a culture of inspiration, trust, and loyalty. these characteristics are teh reason why your people chose to work at your organization.

Living our Why provides for a workplace made up of like-minded individuals. Cohesiveness within Convergence is as essential as knowledge and skillset. It allows us to assist in connecting your business and technology as well as help support your people. Providing dependable service and solutions compliments the relationship you’ve established with our devoted team of unique individuals.


Have you identified your Why?

“As leaders, we like to think we have all the answers, but in actuality we have very few. It is our responsibility to open our minds (and close our mouths) to discover the potential and opportunity within our team. Passion and inspiration (why we do what we do) spurs possibility, and that can be found in everyone who is given a chance.”


Using our skills to support your Why.