Who We Are

Empowering People is Our Why

It’s what has guided us for over 20 years in building an exceptional Managed Service Provider (MSP), a place where GREAT business strategists, technologists, and cybersecurity experts thrive.

People are why we do what we do

It’s why we seek the path less traveled. The adventure begins with a continuous exploration beyond the boundaries of other technology solutions. We speak “human” fluently as we help our clients navigate the diverse terrain of technology. The result? An authentic partnership that is fulfilled by client success; a culture built on trust and autonomy that drives new discoveries and excellence to stay miles ahead of the rest.

Our True North

Our Why and Values define what makes Convergence Networks remarkable.

Think of our Why and Values as our DNA. It is what makes us who we are. While our business will look different one, three, or ten years from now — venturing into new markets, exploring original approaches, or onboarding new team members and clients — our Why and Values remain solid and unchanging. When our Values guide every decision along the way, we know we’ll always deliver on our Why.

Convergence Office (76)

Our staff is a team of hand-selected professionals who understand what it takes to serve your needs.

We offer up-to-the-minute proficiency in the computer/IT industries, strong customer service values, and a genuine interest in working with you – not simply for you – to solve a wide variety of your technical dilemmas

Our Team

Senior Leadership Team


Chris Remy


Michael Maddox

VP of Customer Success

Dany Charand

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Randall

Director of Process, Integration, and M&A

Dave Blake

Senior Director of Service Delivery

Scott Spalding

Director of Sales and Marketing

Jack Myers

Chief Information Security Officer

John Stephens

Director of HR

Lisa Greenough


Managing Directors

Director of Business Services

John McCloskey

Team Leads

Team Lead, Procurement

Usman Shakir

Team Lead

Steve Seguin

Onboarding and Request Team Leader

Mika Hendy

Service Desk Team Leader in Foxtrot

Chris Grimes

Marketing Manager – North America

Kaytie Loucks

Service Desk Manager, Eastern Region

Dan Abramenko

Service Manager, West Region

Bobby Stoddard

Service Desk Team Leader in Kilo

Justin Larson

ESS Team Leader in SOC

Josh Gembala

Service Team Leader in Alpha

Ross Eichele

Service Team Leader in Charlie

Nathan Grimwood

Service Team Leader in Bravo

Jeff Martin

Professional Services Manager

Jenn McNeil

Service Team Leader in Echo

Abiola Smith

Technical Services Manager in NOC

Justin Kikendall

Inside Sales - Team Leader

Jeff Short

Security Consulting and Assessment Team Leader

Jonathon Wolff

Professional Services Team Leader

Heather Kennedy

Business Services Team Leader

Daniel Tomka

Business Services Team Leader

Daniel Mekhayel


Our Road to Becoming

North America’s First People Centric MSP

ASK Founded June 1993 Convergence Networks Founded November 2000 Grade A Founded May 2002 Merged with Convergence NetworksApril 2021 Merged with Convergence NetworksDecember 2020 SWAT Systems Founded 1999 Merged with Convergence NetworksAugust 2022

Our Locations

Convergence Networks has the depth and breadth of expertise you need, delivered with personal, localized service from team members in your community.

Canada Headquarters

9 Slack Rd #200
Ottawa, ON
K2G 0B7

USA Headquarters

4252 SE International Way
Portland, OR

Lansing Office

316 Moores River Dr
Lansing, MI

Seattle Office

1410 NW 49th St.
Seattle, WA

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