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Providing legal organizations with managed IT and security services.

We understand the legal industry’s best practices as well as the standards around HIPAA, PCI and other compliance regulations inherited through the collection and storage of legal case information.

Managed Security

The security of your data and client information is extremely important in your line of business. Some information inevitably falls under HIPAA, PIPEDA and other compliance standards. We make sure your network and data sources are properly protected from cybercrime while also making sure you remain compliant.

Managed IT Support

Dealing with IT issues should be the last thing on your mind. If technology is distracting you from serving your clients or winning cases, then it is time we talk. Let us handle the daily IT operations and technology projects or work alongside your internal IT staff so you can focus on running your legal practice.

Data Protection

How reliable is your data backup solution? More importantly, how quickly can you restore it to the latest version should you experience a data loss or breach? You rely on having access to your data – especially when working on a client case. Make sure you can depend on it. Our data loss prevention solutions will reduce this risk significantly.

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