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Microsoft Teams Phone

Empower your phone system to work wherever you do

In today’s modern hybrid work environment, businesses need their phone systems to work from anywhere and adopting a cloud-based voice technology service is critical to meet this need.

ROAM, our VoIP Solution, powered by Microsoft Teams Phone, is a modern voice and video calling solution built into the Microsoft Teams application, which allows you to replace your traditional phone services. Our solution allows you to make and receive calls, manage your voicemail and call forwarding all through an application you already use to collaborate with others.

We’ll work with you to create a partnership model to consolidate all your voice service needs into one place by using ROAM and guide you towards success.

Why Businesses Love ROAM

Adopting the remote workstyle has never been easier with ROAM. So many businesses are already using the Microsoft suite of applications and have become reliant on Microsoft Teams for chat, file sharing, collaboration and meetings. The missing piece to the puzzle? Voice calling.

With our Microsoft Teams Phone solution, you can replace your traditional phone system and ditch hefty maintenance agreements and server updates. ROAM is built into the Microsoft Teams application which makes it easy for individuals to make and receive voice calls from their mobile device, desktop and tablet.

Here are some reasons why people are making the switch to ROAM, powered by Microsoft Teams Phone:

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