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Providing non-profit organizations with managed IT and security services.

The work you do is vital to supporting our communities. Let us support you and your mission by caring for your technology and security needs.


We’re proud to be named one of the leading Managed IT Service Providers for the Non-Profit industry

Managed Security

Protecting your organization is important. Protecting your donor, sponsor, and volunteer private data is even more important. You are responsible for the integrity and security of the data you store on your network – including credit card information. Let us support you so you can focus on your core mission.

Managed IT Support

Technology can be used as a tool to help promote and drive awareness around the incredible work you do for your community. Technology should support your core mission, not hold it back. Let us manage the IT operations for you, so you can focus on serving the communities around you.

Data Protection

Data loss can be catastrophic for a non-profit organization. What would happen if you lost client, volunteer, or donor private information? What would happen if that data was leaked in a data breach? We work with non-profits to ensure a reliable data loss prevention, back up and restoration plans are in place.

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