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Providing manufacturing organizations with managed IT and cyber security services.

Industry 4.0 and CMMC 2.0 are just two major shifts happening in manufacturing today. Can your technology keep up?

Managed Security

Compliance standards, industry and government regulations, and emerging security trends… it can be a lot for a company to keep up with, even with internal IT staff. Manufacturers are hit with incredible roadblocks as they strive to grow their businesses. Managing your security shouldn’t be a roadblock. If it is, luckily, we can help you!

Managed IT Support

Most manufacturers rely on technology for production and operations. A single disruption or missed operating system update can bring operations to a screeching halt. However, having a proactive IT support team can ensure situations like this don’t arise. We can fully manage and maintain your IT operations or work alongside your internal IT staff to increase capacity and add efficiency.

Data Protection

Product designs, blueprints and trade secrets are just a few things that you don’t want leaked. Unfortunately, the manufacturing industry is at high risk for cyber and ransomware attacks. Protecting your network and data are crucial for survival. We will work with you to create a robust and redundant data loss prevention plan to protect your business and its intellectual assets.

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