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When you look for an IT provider, are you focused on the right criteria?

Many companies work with providers who focus on individual device support and only basic security. In a modern business environment where teams access multiple cloud apps from unlimited devices, this becomes an endless chase leaving your company vulnerable to breaches and fraud. The only way forward is an identity-driven security strategy coupled with geographic controls to protect your data wherever your teams venture.

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It takes a remarkably capable team to drive results in the uncharted territory of tomorrow’s converging business and technology landscape. Meet ours: We recruit the best people from across the nation and beyond, then forge a culture where they continue to grow and challenge themselves.

A 50+ person powerhouse with less than 4% voluntary turnover for the past 2 years. A forward-thinking team ready to partner with you on your most critical business endeavors.

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Using disparate applications and vendors means less visibility into who is accessing your organization’s data, causing you to lose control of the security and become less effective at responding to threats.

Our team works with you to build an integrated, consistent, and robust security posture centered around Microsoft’s industry-leading solutions.

From there, we guide and protect your business beyond the boundaries of yesterday’s standards:

Complete Managed Services

In 2000, we pioneered a way to align our customers’ business goals with our own as an MSP (Managed Service Provider). We wanted to keep it simple. Instead of charging by the hour to fix issues, our value is in well designed, highly performing systems that are secure. We led the way and plan to stay ahead of evolving technologies and priorities for our customers.

Strategic vCIO Consulting

Technology can be more than a tool. Used well, it’s a powerful lever in strategic business decisions. Our vCIOs (Virtual Chief Information Officers) share your vision for business and bring deep technology expertise to get there. They’re as competent in the boardroom as they are at the design table with our best engineers.

And they are never commissioned for technology recommendations – their primary goal is to empower your vision and teams.

Integrated Cloud Solutions

We saw early on that the migration of business data to the cloud was inevitable. With that vision, we set out on a path to prepare our customers for this shift, transitioning them strategically and securely from on premises to hybrid cloud to pure cloud.

Regardless of where you are along this journey, our vCIOs will chart a secure path for your business, working alongside our amazing support services teams in bringing that vision into reality.

Compliance Management & Oversight

Before most customers even asked about it, we looked for a way to bring enterprise-level security to small and medium-size businesses. And we didn’t stop there. In 2013 we established a dedicated cybersecurity company: Luminant Digital Security.

Today, Luminant delivers education, audits and advanced cybersecurity solutions to meet the most stringent compliance standards. All of our customers, even our customers with no specific compliance requirements, benefit from our security first approach.

Identity-Driven Security Management

Our most recent endeavor is driven by our understanding that tomorrow’s security landscape looks dramatically different from yesterday’s. With users accessing your business data across locations, devices, and cloud environments, the only effective security strategy starts with centralized identity management and controls.

The clear leader in developing this multibillion-dollar technology: Microsoft. It’s why we partner exclusively with them to bring you the strongest solutions, in parallel with our vCIO’s strategic guidance and an undivided focus on customer service.

We’re on our way to becoming the Pacific Northwest’s first Managed Service Security Provider, helping to navigate our clients through uncharted waters.


We’ve always been miles ahead of the status quo.


1st MSP in the Northwest


1st MSP to deliver a vCIO Consulting model in Oregon


1st MSP to own a Cybersecurity company


1st Oregon MSP to reach Microsoft Direct CSP level


Leading the way forward as the Northwest’s first MSSP

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Our Why is People. At Convergence Networks, you’ll find a culture built on trust and autonomy. We’re a place for people who keep growing and challenging themselves, and who elevate those around them. How do you know you’ll go far here? You bring drive, accountability, and a passion for charting your own course – together.

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