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Together, we can create efficiencies, empower your people, and position your business to emerge strong from these tough economic times. 

Business leaders find themselves in uncharted territory right now, faced with difficult decisions about strategic priorities, cybersecurity needs, remote work demands, and budget uncertainties. We know what you’re going through: we’ve helped clients navigate these challenges in the last two recessions and are doing it again today.

We’re ready to go beyond fulfilling your essential technology needs. Our vCIOs bring their business acumen and technical expertise to help you maximize your financial resources today and keep your teams engaged for tomorrow.


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Our Why is People.

It’s what has guided us for 20 years in building an exceptional MSP, a place where GREAT business strategists, technologists, and cybersecurity experts thrive.

Today, we are proud of our high retention rate (6.6+ years average tenure), with less than 6% voluntary turnover in the past three years. Even through the current economic challenges, we’ve kept and plan to keep our nearly 60-person team on board, ready to support your business and its most important stakeholders: your people.

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For the coming months and years, the efficiency and stability of your technology partner will be even more critical than before. We have built both at Convergence and we are well-positioned to support you through the current economic terrain and way beyond.

As you explore ways for your business to adapt to new constraints and leverage emerging opportunities, joining forces with a reliable, forward-thinking MSP means you minimize security risks, invest wisely, and set your people up to do their best work yet.

From there, we guide and protect your business beyond the boundaries of yesterday’s standards:

Managed Services Provider

If you want to engage with an experienced, Portland-born and locally operated MSP who provides not only amazing service to your teams, but also understands technology is there to serve your business, let’s connect.  We’ve always prioritized employing and retaining remarkably capable people, ready to guide you in leveraging your technology to maximize your people’s productivity.

What else sets us apart: our expertise in designing high-performing systems with cybersecurity at their core, and our flexible business model that fully aligns our goals with yours.  When the economy strengthens or you experience a surge in business, we can expand with you. During tough economic times, we’re able to not just contract with you but guide a wise cost savings strategy.

Transition to Outsourced IT

We have guided hundreds of businesses through the process of outsourcing their technology services for the first time. From that experience, we know it is a cultural change – and we also know what it takes to make this transition successful and immediately worthwhile: deep technology expertise, leading-edge cybersecurity practices, and a support team that genuinely cares about your employees’ experience.

Whether you are looking to co-manage or fully outsource your technology services, we can chart the path forward for you.

Remote Workforce Productivity

At this point, your teams have probably made use of some cloud applications to continue working together at a distance. The quality of their experience likely depended on how well your IT vendor prepared your business. Rushing the process can lead to unintended security risks and unnecessary monthly costs. While none of us know how long this situation will last and what a new normal will eventually look like, we evolved our clients technology to solidify a stable and cost-effective “work anywhere” infrastructure that allows them to adapt

The starting point: a comprehensive review of your technology, homing in on what is working and what causes friction. From there, we develop a roadmap that can expand or contract in capacity and costs, always keeping in step with your business and centering around a robust cybersecurity posture.

Beyond the technical side, we’ll also guide your teams in making the cultural shifts that level up productivity, then stay by their side with competent and user-friendly support and training.

Strategic vCIO Consulting

Since the Covid-19 crisis hit, our vCIOs (Virtual Chief Information Officers) have adapted much like all our businesses.  They have shifted the focus of their technology stewardship from hyper growth, cloud, and security strategies to helping our clients reduce operating expenses. Grounded in their business expertise and education, they have conducted deep analyses of technology costs that helped companies significantly reduce spend.  In some cases, that meant preserving enough resources to keep several people employed, which is incredibly motivating for us.

And we don’t stop there: our vCIOs are now focused on maximizing efficiency of your people, regardless of where they are working. That effort spans technology design, adequate training, and cybersecurity best-practices. With that in place, our vCIOs can go further with you, helping guide your business into the world of PowerBI, Analytics and AI.

Compliance Management & Oversight

Before most customers even asked about it, we looked for a way to bring enterprise-level security to small and medium-size businesses. And we didn’t stop there. In 2013 we established a dedicated cybersecurity company: Luminant Digital Security.

Today, Luminant delivers education, audits and advanced cybersecurity solutions to meet the most stringent compliance standards. All of our customers, even our customers with no specific compliance requirements, benefit from our security first approach.

Identity-Driven Security Management

Our most recent endeavor is driven by our understanding that tomorrow’s security landscape looks dramatically different from yesterday’s. With users accessing your business data across locations, devices, and cloud environments, the only effective security strategy starts with centralized identity management and controls.

The clear leader in developing this multibillion-dollar technology: Microsoft. It’s why we partner exclusively with them to bring you the strongest solutions, in parallel with our vCIO’s strategic guidance and an undivided focus on customer service.

We’re on our way to becoming the Pacific Northwest’s first Managed Service Security Provider, helping to navigate our clients through uncharted waters.


We’ve always been miles ahead of the status quo.


1st MSP in the Northwest


1st MSP to deliver a vCIO Consulting model in Oregon


1st MSP to own a Cybersecurity company


1st Oregon MSP to reach Microsoft Direct CSP level


Leading the way forward as the Northwest’s first MSSP

Our awards say it best.

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Our Why is People. At Convergence Networks, you’ll find a culture built on trust and autonomy. We’re a place for people who keep growing and challenging themselves, and who elevate those around them. How do you know you’ll go far here? You bring drive, accountability, and a passion for charting your own course – together.

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