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Fueled by outstanding customer service and a passion for innovation, we’ll guide your business through integrated solutions across a wide range of technologies and security services.

Who we are

One of North America’s leading managed service and managed security service providers.

The adventure begins with a continuous exploration beyond the boundaries of other technology solutions. We speak “human” fluently as we help our clients navigate the diverse terrain of technology. The result? An authentic partnership that is fulfilled by client success; a culture built on trust and autonomy that drives new discoveries and excellence to stay miles ahead of the rest.

As a security first IT services firm, we help companies leverage technology as a strategic tool while proactively protecting their business from cyberattacks.


Strategy, Security, and Support.

Let’s Navigate Your Technology Decisions Together.

If technology feels like an anchor that is keeping your business from maximizing its potential – it’s time to experience a new kind of managed technology. As we build your technology roadmap and implement solutions, you will have more time to focus on your business and its core mission. With our ongoing strategic guidance, your technology will be transformed from being a heavy anchor to a sail propelling your business onward.

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What Makes Us Unique

Strategic Technology Guidance for Tomorrow’s Business Environment.

Convergence Networks is a place where GREAT business strategists, technologists, and cybersecurity experts thrive. With a core focus on people, there are three specific attributes that make us unique:

vC-Level Consulting Maturity & Acumen

We have the size, scope and operational maturity to support clients as they grow, while maintaining a personal touch.

Innovation Culture

We are constantly evaluating and seeking solutions that not only solve key technology challenges for our current clients but are also focused on what future needs will be, years in advance.

Security Leadership

We are a security-first managed services firm. We know how to leverage and secure technology, and we are experts at delivering a great client experience. Our security professionals provide our clients with the most complete and sophisticated cybersecurity services.

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