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Backup & Disaster Recovery

In earlier years, data loss was usually blamed on user error and natural disasters. But our world has changed. As technologies advance and cybercrime intensifies, your company is at greater risk of data loss. Power outages, fires, and floods still pose a risk, but phishing scams and ransomware are now the top concerns for business owners. In many cases, we find business leaders still have gaps in their data backup and business continuity strategy while blindly hoping for the best. Hope is not a strategy.

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An Integral Part of Cybersecurity

A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution is a vital part of a strategic solution to reduce the business impact of a cyber security incident. If you were to experience a cyberattack today, would you have the confidence in knowing you could lean on your backup system to restore your data? One of the biggest fallouts from a cyberattack is the inability for companies to restore their data to the latest versions. We are far past external hard drives and tape systems, so much of a company’s data lives in the cloud. Cybercriminals know this and are eager to tap into your cloud environment. 

If something were to happen to your Microsoft 365 or Azure environment, could you be up and running within a few hours or days?

What if you need access to a version of a file or email that is over a month old? A misconception is that the data within the Microsoft 365 environment is backed up indefinitely, but in reality – it is only retained for 30 days. After that, the data is lost. This revelation has been a shock to many business owners, which leads to the question of “how do I back up my cloud data”?

Every business owner needs peace of mind knowing that their critical data, emails, and other information are all protected, seamlessly backed up and securely tucked away until they need them. We offer multiple easy to implement options for backup and disaster recovery, including Office 365 backup solutions that adhere to your industry’s compliance regulations. .

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If you are unsure about the integrity of your backup solution, contact us to discuss the options that work for you

All of our customers receive a formal Business Impact Analysis as part of their service plan Onboarding which is reviewed and updated periodically with the assigned vCIO as business needs evolve.

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