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Providing healthcare organizations with managed IT and security services.

Healthcare is heavily regulated with security and compliance. Let us worry about the technical details so you can focus on patient care.

Managed IT Support

We adhere to and help support your healthcare organization with the latest HIPAA and PCI compliance standards. When it comes to IT, there is nothing more critical than making sure you are properly protected from cyberattacks. We provide healthcare organizations with managed security services as well as cybersecurity project

We get how you work

There is nothing more frustrating when your staff and doctors are unable to provide patient care due to technical issues. We know how much healthcare organizations like yours rely on technology. From accessing patient files to enabling remote care, making sure it operates efficiently is our priority.

Data Protection

Just like with financial institutions and insurance organizations, the nature of your business solely relies on personal data. Making sure this data is properly protected, backed up and able to be restored quickly, is critical. We understand how important it is for staff and doctors to have access to the most recent data at all times and to protect it from a breach.

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