What We Do

You won’t find another technology company like Convergence Networks

What lights our fire is the chance to accelerate the success of innovative, people-focused companies. As a security-first IT company, we work with businesses like yours to create a strategy and plan around technology. Our best fit clients believe that technology is a strategic tool which leads directly to positive business results. Ideal clients also believe that proactive cybersecurity solutions are a must – not a necessary evil.

What We Do

Fueled by outstanding customer service and a passion for innovative technology, Convergence Networks is one of North American’s leading managed service and managed security service providers. We’ll drive innovation in your business through integrated solutions across a wide range of technologies and security services. 

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It’s not enough to simply solve today’s IT challenges – we help you anticipate what’s to come, so you can prepare for a better tomorrow. Convergence Networks has a 20+ year track record of using technology to keep people connected so they can do their best work. We are not like other IT providers – we take a different approach to solving technical problems and providing IT solutions. 

We take the time to understand your business, what you do, how you operate, and how you use technology to do your job. If you’re looking for a break-fix company, we won’t be a good fit for you.

What Makes Us Unique

Local Dedicated Service with a National Scale

Our roots are in the very communities where we started as individual businesses. We have now grown to a much larger scale, however the vision to be the best IT provider in each of our regions is growing and thriving. As our customers’ and employees’ needs have evolved, so have we as an organization. We now have best in class knowledge, skills and capabilities delivered at a local level. We have people throughout North America who can pick up the phone or answer an email to help a person solve a problem. However, we have continued our local focus. When a client needs someone to come to their building, we have an incredible Team who can do that. When they need to have a conversation with one of the Leaders in our company, our customers have this right in their local areas. Our philosophy remains that we want to know our clients by name, and we want them to know their support team members by name as well!

Comprehensive Technology Guidance & Planning

We believe that the value a business receives from technology lies in its ability to provide a strategic advantage through eliminating inefficiencies, increasing collaboration, solving inhibitors to growth, and protecting the organization. Our clients have confidence that they will work with a Team of people who care about their business goals, understand their business strategy, and help them prioritize and solve their IT challenges so they can focus on what they do best. The tag-team combination of our experienced vC-level consultants, Client Success Managers, Solutions Architects, professional services team, and procurement team members help our customers achieve their goals and run better, more profitable businesses. The result is a strong growing business which can hire more people and give back in unique ways to their community.

Full Stack Cybersecurity Services & Solutions

We believe that proactive cybersecurity prevention, monitoring and recovery is foundational for all businesses. We work with our clients to properly fortify their sensitive information with advanced security tools, business practices and consultative guidance to implement and maintain the controls necessary to adhere to their respective industry compliance requirements. We continue to invest heavily in delivering incredibly robust cybersecurity expertise, underpinned by our 24×7 security operations center, capable of helping our clients face the ever growing and evolving threat of cybercrime. Our team of information security professionals work with our customers in every stage of their cybersecurity program journey, breaking the complexity down into achievable roadmaps so that they can make measurable improvements to protect their businesses.

Our Core Values


We choose sustainable and efficient growth, ensuring we have the right people, in the right seats serving the right clients. We promote personal and professional growth for all staff by providing opportunities to learn and impact our community.


We operate on a first name basis with clients and staff. Our goal is to help foster true connections between people, not systems or companies. The strength of our relationships with clients and staff helps build trust, an unstoppable force.

Existing Clients First

We are thoughtful in the impact of bringing on new clients. Who we serve is critical and the wrong customer can derail our operations. We always want to prioritize the needs of our existing clients as a way to remind us all of the appreciation we have for their business.


We believe in doing what we say. We want to always ensure our business objectives are met, our clients are protected, and we build trust by over delivering.


We play basketball. Our game is fast paced, free flowing and needs every player to put the team first to win. We do this by building trust, having each other's backs and elevating one another.

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