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Zero Trust Security Services

Instead of just blocking bad things, Zero Trust Security only allows known approved “whitelisted” applications.

While you should trust your employees, it is important to protect your environment from internal and external threats with Zero Trust Security and Application Safeguarding.

Application whitelisting blocks everything from running on your systems that hasn’t been explicitly approved, whether it's a program, an installer, malware or ransomware.

Ringfencing technology protects your data from exploited files and applications by fencing off the applications that run your system at the most granular level, essentially eliminating attack vectors from a cybercriminal's path.

Storage control solution allows you to stop users from uploading/exporting files to the internet and external storage, like USB drives.

High degree of control & visibility

Only allows known good applications

Minimally invasive

This Zero Trust Security approach not only stops malicious software, but it also stops other unpermitted applications from getting downloaded. It is a critical part of your managed security services.

Antivirus vs Zero Trust Security

Unlike antivirus, Zero Trust allows you to define what software, scripts, executables and libraries can run on your company’s endpoints and servers.

Default deny application approach to deny anything not pre-approved by your company

Full granular audit of every piece of software on your endpoints and servers

Control how applications integrate together

Thirty-second, single-click approval

Automatically add new hashes when application and system updates are released

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