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Cybersecurity Solutions Designed To Protect Your Company

Everyone is a potential target of cybercrime. Mid-market companies are especially attractive to hackers because they become complacent about cybersecurity when they don’t see themselves as a target. Industry research has shown the opposite to be true. Convergence Networks specializes in cybersecurity solutions through its Security Services division. We provide two types of programs: ongoing services and one-time engagements


We start by identifying gaps in your cybersecurity defenses and guide your implementation of best practices that build a strong foundation. From there, you are ideally equipped to venture forward.


Without continuous training, your people are the weakest link in your cybersecurity program, and hackers know it. Our approach will educate and inspire your team to defend against risks. The result: you’ll develop a culture of cybersecurity awareness, which builds engagement confidence, and an ownership mindset.


Together, we’ll reach a level of visibility and preparedness that does more than secure your data — it becomes a competitive advantage. You’ll have a clear view of where you stand, and what’s possible.

Benefits of Bundling Security Services

Convergence Networks Security Services has many offerings geared to mitigate the risks associated with Cybercrime. While each of these solutions offers unique and valuable benefits to your business, Convergence Networks recommends a comprehensive approach to Cybersecurity. Bundled services and multi-year engagements benefit your organization in the following ways:

Discount Pricing

Bundled services and multiple engagements are provided at a discounted rate.

Ease of Billing

Bundle prices can be spread out over the course of a year or billed quarterly.

Data Consistency

Bundled services with multi-year engagements provide more consistent data for tracking progress and remediation.

Faster Threat Detection

Reducing the time between engagements provides faster detection of emerging threats.

Security Roadmap

Bundled services when combined with multi-year engagements give your organization a security roadmap to use for administrative or regulatory purposes.

Remediation Validation

Although single engagements provide remediation recommendations, without a second engagement you would be responsible for validating your own remediation.

Persistent Awareness

By increasing the frequency of Security Service engagements your organization keeps security awareness a priority and does not allow employees to resume bad habits that may put your security at risk.

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