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Our Why is to Empower People. At Convergence Networks, you’ll find a culture built on trust and autonomy. We’re a place for people who keep growing and challenging themselves, and who elevate those around them. How do you know you’ll go far here? You bring drive, accountability, and a passion for charting your own course – together.

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Convergence Networks is one of North America’s largest IT Managed Services Provider (MSP). Our philosophy is to foster strong relationships with fellow teammates and customers, create an unrivaled work environment, and provide an outstanding customer experience.

Our Core Values


We choose sustainable and efficient growth, ensuring we have the right people, in the right seats serving the right clients. We promote personal and professional growth for all staff by providing opportunities to learn and impact our community.


We operate on a first name basis with clients and staff. Our goal is to help foster true connections between people, not systems or companies. The strength of our relationships with clients and staff helps build trust, an unstoppable force.

Existing Clients First

We are thoughtful in the impact of bringing on new clients. Who we serve is critical and the wrong customer can derail our operations. We always want to prioritize the needs of our existing clients as a way to remind us all of the appreciation we have for their business.


We believe in doing what we say. We want to always ensure our business objectives are met, our clients are protected, and we build trust by over delivering.


We play basketball. Our game is fast paced, free flowing and needs every player to put the team first to win. We do this by building trust, having each other's backs and elevating one another.

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