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Microsoft Copilot Consulting


Understanding Microsoft Copilot for Enhanced Business Efficiency

Thursday, May 30 - 10:00 AM PST - 1:00 PM EST Register Now

Join us for our comprehensive webinar designed to empower your business with the knowledge needed to leverage Copilot effectively. In this session, we will explore the following key topics:

What is Copilot and how can your business benefit from it?

We will dive into how Copilot works so you can understand its capabilities and discover how your team can benefit from using it.

What are the risks of using Copilot?

Learn about the potential security risks and the best practices to mitigate them while using Copilot.

ROI Scenarios

We will explore real examples of how Copilot's features and its impact. From meeting notes to advanced Excel functionalities, Teams transcription and Copilot search, discover how these features can save time and improve productivity.

Considerations for planning ahead

Learn about the prerequisites for integrating Copilot into your workflow and the strategic planning necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

No matter your experience level, you’ll leave with valuable knowledge to help you understand how you can make Copilot work for you. If you have any specific questions you want addressed let us know when you register!

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Imagine having a super-smart assistant built right into your Microsoft 365 that anticipates your needs and helps you work faster. That’s the magic of Microsoft Copilot! 

Copilot can be a game-changer for any team in your business.  Think of it as a digital sidekick that learns your workflow, suggests helpful content and actions and even automates repetitive tasks. From streamlining marketing campaigns to crunching numbers in finance, Copilot can boost productivity across your entire organization.  

Because it integrates seamlessly with 365, you’re already set up for success. Let’s explore how Copilot can supercharge your workflows –  book a meeting with us today!

Why Meet With Convergence Networks for Your Microsoft Copilot Consulting Needs?

In this meeting, we’ll talk through the potential benefits and pitfalls specific to your organization. We can also discuss how Convergence Networks works with you to implement a tailored and secure plan that maximizes Copilot’s benefits. 

We offer Microsoft Copilot Consulting Services designed to help you leverage this innovative technology without getting bogged down in the technical details.

As a security first IT services firm in USA & Canada, we help companies leverage technology as a strategic tool while proactively protecting their business from cyberattacks.

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