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Why choose Convergence Networks for IT support?

  • Receive quick responses from IT support services – all phone requests are answered within one minute for a fast and efficient resolution.
  • Speed up your IT problem resolution with computer support that has a 1.2-hour average resolution time.
  • Keep your IT budget in check with tailored packages that offer flexible service hours.
  • Eliminate the pain of switching IT companies with a kickoff process that starts delivering results in 30 days.
  • Resolve complex IT issues smoothly with both remote and on-site assistance from a reliable IT support specialist.

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Enjoy personal attention and personalized service from a team that blends local focus with a national presence.

As your business grows, so do our services. Expect nothing less than cutting-edge IT solutions tailored locally by people who speak your language.

Gain access to qualified IT engineers who understand your priorities wherever you are in North America.

Strategy, Security and Support.

At Convergence, we curate an elite team of IT specialists. We recruit individuals obsessed with exceeding client goals. Our team possesses unrivaled tech proficiency, coupled with an inherent drive to collaborate and vanquish any technical obstacle you encounter. Together, let’s unleash your full potential and propel you past your envisioned boundaries.

Meet the Convergence team and learn more about what makes us stand out in the field of IT support services.

What Are Managed Services?

Simply put, managed services are defined as an agreement between Convergence and our clients to perform a set of IT tasks for a set rate. Managed services include: providing security and software updates for your PCs, servers and networks, providing help desk support for your employees, delivering IT education and providing strategic IT planning. 

With our comprehensive managed services in Ottawa, you can put your focus back onto your business and stop worrying about your organization’s technology. Find out more by contacting us.

What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

Don’t be confused by the terms: co-managed IT, hybrid IT, or IT support – they all refer to the collaboration between your in-house IT team and external experts. This approach empowers you to leverage the knowledge of seasoned professionals. For larger companies, co-managed services can help distribute workload, ensuring optimal efficiency. Ultimately, you decide the ideal balance between internal resources and the expertise offered by your Ottawa MSP partner.

For instance:

Your in-house IT team could take care of handling day-to-day IT maintenance while relying on the expertise of a managed service provider for advice and additional assistance.

You could use an MSP to serve as your outsourced CTO (sometimes called a virtual chief information security officer or VCISO). Under the MSP’s guidance, your internal IT team can execute the plans and manage systems.

Empower your internal IT leader to manage a dedicated, outsourced IT team. This ensures access to specialized expertise while maintaining strategic control.

How Do I Find a Ottawa Managed Service Provider?

Fortunately for today’s businesses, managed IT service providers come in all shapes and sizes. When you begin comparing potential providers, you’ll find they vary from large national firms to independent “IT guys” who work for themselves. Keep in mind that choosing the right managed service provider for your Ottawa business will take time and effort. Here’s what to look for in an IT partner that can help your company thrive:

  1. Monitoring and support that’s “always on,” 24/7/365.
  2. Fast, efficient response times and clear timeframes for resolution, reflecting the issue’s severity.
  3. Customer satisfaction ratings (CSATs) that show client satisfaction over several years and client references you can check. 
  4. Experience with your type of business ( industry, environment or requirements) and references from similar former clients.
  5. For on-site IT support and proactive maintenance, consider a local MSP. They offer faster response times and schedule visits to review equipment and train your staff.
  6. Contracts that work for you by providing predictable monthly costs. Be sure to talk about how and when contracts are renewed. 

These are just some of the basics you’ll want to inquire about as you compare Ottawa managed service providers.

What is Ottawa IT service management?

IT service management (ITSM) companies leverage proven processes to optimize your IT infrastructure. This includes planning, supporting, creating, delivering, operating, and implementing your technology. ITSM encompasses the management of all your technology services and devices:

Laptops and laptop applications



All software applications and much more

Streamline your operations with Ottawa-based IT service management. We centralize oversight of all workplace technology and services, leading to cost savings and the ability to deliver superior products and services.

Seattle IT Service Management - Convergence

Look to an IT Service Management Company To:

Streamline your infrastructure to better deliver the high-quality internet technology your business needs.

Streamline your infrastructure to better deliver the high-quality internet technology your business needs.

Ensure your organization’s data is only accessible by authorized current endpoint users (such as your staff, clients, etc.). Robust IT service management should include removal of all former employees or clients from your systems.

Examine every endpoint (computer, phone, scanner, etc.) and every application to ensure all of them are updated to the latest system requirements.

Advise you on best practices for backup to handle any possible data breaches whether they come from criminal activity, insider actions or natural disasters.

Assess your cybersecurity plans and processes to reinforce them or replace them with safer ones.

What Are the Benefits of Ottawa It Support Services?

Partner with a local IT support team and gain access to:

Reduced technology costs (with redundant or obsolete assets removed).

Improved service.

Improved customer satisfaction.

New collaboration capabilities, which allow your teams to share knowledge.

Reduced risk factors throughout your organization.

Safeguard your data and operations with comprehensive support. We help prevent security breaches, plan for business continuity, and ensure a swift recovery from natural disasters or cyberattacks.

Reduced downtime when breaches occur.

Improved levels of productivity and efficiency.

Adaptation to your organization’s specific needs.

IT service management achieves the above benefits by:

Designing and installing proper IT infrastructure.

Equip your team with ongoing support for new technology. We provide comprehensive training and reinforce the importance of established processes, while offering refresher courses when needed.

Implementing the right processes for your company.

Still Waiting Several Business Days for a Response?

You’ll be resolving issues in 1.2 hours or less when you partner with us

Unlock the Strategic Advantage With IT

Technology is more than just tools; it’s your strategic edge.

Transform IT into a powerhouse that eliminates inefficiencies, boosts collaboration, spurs growth, and safeguards your business.

Our experts align with your business strategy, tackling IT challenges so you can excel at what you do best.

Unlock exceptional profitability and impact. Our team of seasoned C-level consultants, dedicated Client Success Managers, and specialized teams empower your business for success.

IT Support in Seattle
IT Support and Services in Seattle

Proactive Protection Whenever You Need IT

Cybersecurity isn’t a luxury for businesses like yours; it’s fundamental. Fortify your sensitive data with cutting-edge security solutions and best practices, guaranteeing compliance with industry standards.

Our 24/7 security operations center is your shield against cyber threats.

From initial assessments to implementing detailed roadmaps, we simplify the complex, helping you make tangible progress in safeguarding your business.

Our Other IT Services in Ottawa, Canada

  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Helpdesk
  • IT Consulting
  • Cybersecurity 
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Network Support

Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Support and Services

At Convergence Networks, we provide a comprehensive range of IT support services tailored for Seattle businesses.

This includes prompt helpdesk services, on-site technical assistance, streamlined remote IT support, extensive cloud assistance, and robust network support.

Our team is equipped to handle everything from routine maintenance to complex IT challenges, ensuring your business stays connected and secure.

We prioritize rapid response for all IT support requests.

With an average phone response time of just one minute and an average issue resolution time of 1.2 hours, our dedicated team ensures your technical issues are addressed swiftly.

Our commitment to quick and efficient service minimizes downtime, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Absolutely. We specialize in providing tailored cloud solutions for Seattle-based businesses.

Our services include aiding in the seamless transition to cloud platforms, ongoing cloud management, and ensuring alignment with business goals.

We also offer data backup and disaster recovery services to ensure your cloud infrastructure is secure and resilient. Our team monitors and manages private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments.

At Convergence Networks, we offer an extensive range of cybersecurity services tailored to safeguard Ottawa businesses from the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats.

Our cybersecurity solutions include advanced IT forensics for investigating and mitigating cyber incidents, robust cloud security measures, and implementing Zero Trust security models for maximum protection.

With Convergence Networks, your business is equipped with a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, designed to protect, detect, and respond to the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Outsourcing IT support to Convergence Networks is cost-effective and efficient for Seattle businesses.

It eliminates the expenses of hiring and maintaining an in-house IT team. You gain access to a broad range of expert skills, ensuring optimal IT solutions and staying updated with the latest technology and security trends.

Outsourcing offers flexibility and scalability to match your business growth, providing 24/7 support that’s hard to achieve in-house.

This approach minimizes downtime, enhances productivity, and is generally more cost-efficient than managing an internal IT team.

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