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Managed Detection & Response

The perfect target for a cybercriminal is any business that’s not paying attention.

There’s a common belief amongst the business community that cybercriminals only attack large companies. A portion of this is true – cybercriminals do attack large companies. But they also attack medium-sized companies, small companies, and companies of every other size.

Frankly, cybercriminals are the least discriminatory people out there. The only thing that matters to them is if you, your business, or your data are vulnerable.

Managed Detection & Response: Cyber Protection Against Looming Attacks

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is the next generation of managed security services with a focus on real-time threat detection, threat hunting, and active response.

MDR is the most complete and sophisticated cybersecurity solution for threat detection and attack remediation. It provides Security Operations Center (SOC) supported endpoint monitoring to rapidly identify and halt even the most troublesome attacks, minimizing harm and reducing risk to client environments.

MDR is ideal for businesses looking to take the next step in improving their security posture. While there are many cybersecurity solutions available, MDR focuses specifically on protecting the device – regardless if it is in the office or working remotely. It builds on your existing security foundations, providing a proactive security solution to give peace of mind.

Managed Detection & Response Features:

With MDR, it’s more than just alerts. It’s stopping breaches in their tracks with a true response, as they happen. Our Managed Detection & Response solution comes with real-time monitoring of user activity and monitors more than just anti-virus alerts. The combination of real time active threat hunting and real time threat intel and response makes this solution one of the most sophisticated, and robust, security solutions available.

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