10 Signs It’s Time to Change IT Providers

No one likes change but sometimes it is an absolute necessity, especially when it comes to switching IT providers. If you’re perfectly happy with your managed service provider, you can probably skip over this article. But, if not, take a look at these 10 signs that it’s time change your IT provider:

  1. You’ve been hacked and your MSP is MIA! Your current provider’s “security” might not have been very secure after all and their inattentiveness after the fact is adding insult to injury.
  2. The cost of your current provider keeps getting higher while their services remain the same.
  3. Your current IT provider does not respond to your calls quickly.
  4. When they do respond, it’s hard to have a good conversation with them.
  5. In fact, their response time to tickets has increased drastically.
  6. They blame your slow-running network on your firewall and recommend a new, more expensive one that you’ll be paying off for years.  
  7. They only react to problems and don’t perform regular checks to make sure things are going right.
  8. Training of new employees or retaining current ones is nonexistent and your team doesn’t understand the consequences of interacting with bogus email.
  9. Your goals for your company and their goals for your company are simply not the same.
  10. Worst of all, they haven’t kept up with the latest processes, cybersecurity or compliance issues.

Need we say more? If any of these affect you and your current provider, it’s time to switch. We assure you: Good IT providers do much better than providing bare-minimum service. Perhaps the problem is that your business has outgrown your current MSP’s services. Or it’s a case of mismatched goals.

No matter what the reason is, it’s time to check out other MSPs so your business can get a better and more responsive IT provider. After all, you should be working with an IT company that has your same work ethic.

We can walk you through the process of switching to a good IT provider. It does not have to be difficult, stressful or expensive.  Contact us to learn more.


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