Day in the Life of an IT Professional

IT Professionals Day is September 20th!

Ever wondered what exactly an IT professional does? We sat down with one of our own to learn what a typical day might look like.  

Martin HendlerLet us introduce you to, Martin Hendler – a Service Desk Administrator in our Lansing Office. At Convergence our Service Desk Administrators are responsible for providing exceptional experience to our customers by responding to and resolving incoming IT requests and alerts either through the phone, email or sometimes even in person. We asked him to share the types of things he might do in a day, and he did not disappoint.

8:00 am – Good morning! It’s 8:00 am on a Monday, and I’m just getting the day started. As soon as I log on, I answer the first incoming support call of the day. Usually after the weekend we have a lot of tickets for password resets, and that’s exactly what this person needed help with!  

8:30 am – After the Monday morning rush I review the existing support tickets that have been assigned to me, and send out some follow up communication emails.  

9:00 am– Time for me to catch up on a ticket! The one I am working on currently, is for a dental client. I just called them back for a follow up regarding a longstanding issue with their main business software –  they’ve had issues using it remotely and onsite. Once I was able to connect with them, we worked together to successfully resolve the issue after reconfiguring database/server settings.

10:00 am – Now I am picking up a few more phone calls. One of them required me to provide them with some network documentation. I sent this to the client, and they were grateful.

10:45am –  A critical issue call just came in – a library’s machines were showing offline. A critical issue usually means that the client’s business is down, meaning that all hands are on deck until we get the problem resolved. I went ahead and remotely connected into their server to find that the reservation software was not running. Once I restarted the server the problem was resolved and they were good to go!

11am-12pm – I usually take my lunch at 11am. Since I work from home, I take a nice refreshing lunch nap! It’s the best!

12:00 pm – As soon as I log back in after lunch, I get a call from a customer. Unfortunately, they have a device that is giving them the “bluescreen of death”, and they are very frustrated. I work with them through the issue, troubleshooting step by step, and we got it sorted out.

1:00 pm – Now that the bluescreening device issue has been resolved, I send out some emails to a client. When a client gets a new computer, we have a few different software tools we need to install so that we can provide IT support remotely. One of these, our monitoring and connection agent, we usually try to schedule ahead of time. I want to make sure we schedule it at a time that works for them, so I try and be as proactive as possible when it comes to scheduling. Clients are always appreciative of this!

1:30 pm – At Convergence, we mainly support Window’s machines but some of our clients have Mac’s. The ticket I am working on now is for a Mac. I work on troubleshooting some agent issues and resolve them.

2:00 pm – I just grabbed a call regarding a longstanding issue with an Internet Service Provider (ISP)’s connection at a client’s office. I have notified the client of the issue and now I am waiting to find out how they would like to proceed. In the meantime, I can move to another task.

2:30 pm – Password resets don’t just happen in the morning! Another user just called in to get a password reset for their VPN. We have some ID verification steps to go through to make sure the user is who they say they are, and once verified, I can proceed with the reset.

3:00 pm –Now I will work on a CRM/Marketing software install and configuration for a client.

4:00 pm – It’s the last hour of the day for me! Before I log out, I close out some tickets from my queue and look through our team’s tickets that are waiting to be assigned to make sure everything is handled.

5:00 pm – It’s time for me to log out for the day. I will be back tomorrow to do it again!

IT Professionals play a vital role in keeping all our business operations running smoothly. We appreciate getting to work with such a great group of individuals every day and for all they do for our clients! 

If you’d like to start or grow a career in IT, you can check out our careers page for our current openings.


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