Microsoft Autopilot for More Efficient Device Set-up and Configuration

With employee turnover still on the rise, many business are still struggling to keep up with the device churn. Configuring new devices, repurposing old devices and recovering devices tasks can be expedited by using Microsoft Autopilot.

What Is Microsoft Autopilot? 

Microsoft Autopilot, or Windows Autopilot, is an endpoint management technology developed by Microsoft used to speed up configuration, resetting and recovering devices. It requires little to no infrastructure and is easy and simple to use. It benefits both the IT professionals and end users throughout the lifecycle of the device by:

  • Decreasing the time IT spends on managing devices.
  • Reducing the overall infrastructure required to maintain devices.
  • Simplifying the use of all devices for the end users.

Bottomline, the solution turns what was a manual process to a streamlined, automated process. Instead of your IT department having to build and customize images that will later be deployed, Windows Autopilot can put this task on, well … autopilot. 

Windows Autopilot Speeds Up Device Configuration

One common application of Microsoft Autopilot is automating workstation procurement and setup. Leadership and IT departments alike want onboarding of new employees to go smoothly. With Windows Autopilot streamlining the process, your IT group defines the images and profiles required for the machine. Then when a new device is ordered, it goes straight to the employee and it takes them about an hour to set up. This eliminates shipping time and cost, reduces hands-on time from your IT department and allows new employees to get up and running faster. 

In addition to new employees, existing employees benefit from faster updates and easier upgrades to their devices. Ongoing maintenance can be deployed, reducing work and increasing productivity of the team. If a patch or update is needed for compliance reasons, Autopilot can make this process seamless and smooth for your IT department and end users.

Normally, it can take two to three hours to configure a new machine. With Windows Autopilot, there is virtually no set-up time and you can deploy many machines at once. Setting up Windows Autopilot does require some time to build out, but if you’re setting up one to two workstations in any given year, it is a good investment. 

Speed Up Your Technology Onboarding

Convergence Networks has deployed Microsoft Autopilot to help onboarding new employees for several clients. Our solutions can be implemented to fit your requirements as well as end user needs. Contact us to discover a faster new employee onboarding solution.


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