Microsoft Partner: Why Your Business Needs One

There are many factors to consider when selecting a managed service provider (MSP). You need one that takes the time to understand your business, crafts solutions unique to your needs, and most importantly, is a Microsoft Partner.

The Microsoft Partnership Is Essential

Businesses today are heavily dependent on multiple Microsoft products for day-to-day operations and to work more efficiently. From the daily use of Outlook for email and Teams to foster collaboration between remote employees, to Power BI for data visualization to servers running on Windows, Microsoft is central to your business. You need an MSP that understands Microsoft products and can manage and support your Microsoft systems.    

When an MSP partners with Microsoft, they gain access to training, products, and other tools. The MSP can readily access technical support, along with tools and resources that are only accessible to partners. Without a Microsoft Partnership, a technology support partner cannot provide the level of support a client expects.

Convergence Networks realized early on the importance of a Microsoft Partnership and has been a partner for over 20 years. Convergence understands the power of technology and that it requires real experts to ensure it is configured properly and works seamlessly. Relentlessly committed to success for their clients, Convergence builds on three pillars to drive that success not only for clients, but in their partnership with Microsoft.


You want to turn to experts for help when there is a problem. Most business needs involving Microsoft applications require technology experts who are knowledgeable about how to leverage the applications fully and, most importantly, correctly. Configuration issues can cause unforeseen disruptions and potential data loss. If you are dependent on an inexperienced MSP to solve potential Microsoft problems, then you might incur downtime and loss of productivity.

As a healthy, operationally mature MSP, Convergence has the people, skills, and knowledge to fix any client issues that may arise. In many cases, potential issues are identified before they become problematic, and proactively resolved.

Certified Staff

Officially recognized Microsoft certifications ensure that your MSP has the expertise on staff that you need. It takes significant time to train and study to obtain Microsoft certifications. Convergence has many staff members with Microsoft certifications, and several hold multiple certifications.

As part of their commitment to growth, Convergence encourages ongoing professional development and works with its people to further Microsoft training and education. A highly qualified and trained team can collaborate and enhance the solutions offered to clients.

Ensuring Client Success

Convergence wants each client to be successful, not only today, but in the future. Technology should be scalable and grow with your business. That means looking broadly at what Microsoft products are currently being utilized, how they’re being utilized, and may be needed in the future.

For example, is a client taking full advantage of products within their Microsoft 365 subscription? Many clients are reliant on Microsoft Teams for chat, file sharing, collaboration, and meetings. But you may not be using the voice calling feature within Teams, allowing you ditch your traditional phone system and landlines.  

Convergence looks for opportunities to elevate a client’s technical awareness and skills, helping clients to get the most out of their Microsoft applications.

Your Microsoft Partner for Today’s Business

Convergence is the technology success team behind your Microsoft-enabled workforce, ensuring your people work efficiently and your applications run smoothly. It’s not enough to solve today’s challenges, but it’s important to anticipate future challenges and where you want to be.

Interested in working with a Microsoft Partner that understands the unique needs of your business? Contact us. As a Microsoft Partner, we can work with you to identify efficient and secure Microsoft solutions for your team!


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