What Business Owners Need to Know About Cybersecurity

You hear about it on the news and even in CEO circles. Cyber-attacks are still threatening businesses of all sizes. The worst part is that the attacks are growing in complexity and frequency. They are becoming harder for the average user to detect – which makes it that much harder to prevent. Or so you think. 

Cybersecurity protection solutions are available, and they aren’t as costly as most business owners think. Far too often we hear excuses from business owners on the reasons why they can’t afford cybersecurity protection. We believe they can’t afford NOT to! No business can, not with today’s threat landscape.  

IBM and Ponemon Institute conducted a study that reported the average data breach for those surveyed cost $4.24 million. And that is just the financial cost. The hidden costs many businesses forget about is their reputation, the impact on their clients, or the press nightmare that unfolds after the fact. Now, it’s easy to read that number and think “it will never happen to me”. The truth is it will. 

You might have already experienced a data breach and not know it. Cybercriminals are sneaky and incredibly sophisticated. They go to extreme lengths to gather the data and intelligence and strike when the iron is hot. According to IBM, it takes roughly 287 days to identify and contain a breach. That means that you may have a cybercriminal setting up camp on your network as you read this blog post. While they sit in the background, they collect the very information needed to camouflage themselves and mirror your actions.  

The thing is cybercriminals don’t really care about what you do as a business. They don’t care about your story, how you came into business, or even what you sell. They only care about getting paid. If you leave the keys to your network in the door, they will take the keys, make copies, and leave the door cracked opened so they can come back at any time.  

Without question, your business is at risk. Some businesses are willing to play Russian roulette by denying they are a target. Others, can see the risks, understand they could lose their business when attacked, and put the necessary locks on their doors.  

Are you fully aware of your risks are and how to address them to close your security gaps? If not, contact us. We will go through an assessment and create a roadmap to better help you plan for the cybersecurity landscape now and in the future. Let’s identify your gaps and work towards a secure tomorrow.  


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