Why Your Business Should Use Microsoft Teams Calling

Over the last few years, businesses have had to adapt to the changing work environment and transform the way their employees collaborate with one another via work from anywhere. One way companies have adapted is by utilizing Microsoft Teams in their day-to-day work with group settings, video conferencing and more. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) are also recognizing the importance and value of having a reliable phone system that can be easily accessed from anywhere.  As technology consistently changes, businesses that have outdated equipment are finding themselves in dire need of an upgrade.

Phones are essential to everything we do – whether it’s calling internally or externally. While a quick Teams chat or email can do the trick occasionally, picking up the phone still remains the most effective way to get an answer, and arguably is even more important now with the hybrid work environment. It’s time to say goodbye to the clunky desktop phone and say hello to an easier way for making phone calls.

So let us introduce to you, Microsoft Teams Calling.

What is Microsoft Teams Calling

You’ve likely heard of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is a method of technology that allows you to make voice calls (or phone calls) over an internet connection instead of a phone line. Microsoft Teams Calling replaces your traditional phone structure by using the power of Microsoft Teams as a cloud-based phone system.

It’s a secure voice service that allows your team the increased flexibility to work from anywhere while limiting the extra complexities that come with having additional equipment set up and security in place.

Microsoft Teams Calling Screen

Image Source: Microsoft

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Calling

There are so many of benefits in switching your phone system over to Teams Calling.

  • Consolidated system– This is one of the biggest benefits! You and your team are likely already using Microsoft Teams daily to connect, collaborate and book meetings. So why not consolidate all your systems into one place? Through Teams you can call anyone inside or outside your organization, receive calls, and check voicemail. Your team can also easily manage their call forwarding rules and voicemail messaging through the app. Check out the video here to see how simple it can be.
  • Use on any Device with the Teams App – With Teams Calling your team can collaborate with one another and connect with any device using the Microsoft Teams app. Desktop, cell phone, tablet – doesn’t matter!
  • Secure and Reliable – With our Teams Calling solution you can be confident that your data is safe and secure using our dedicated Microsoft-certified network in the cloud.
  • Work from anywhere – Your employees can truly work anywhere by accessing their phone through any app. As long as your employees have access to an internet connection they will be able to seamlessly access your phone system.
  • Integrates with Teams – Your company can use your current equipment and receive external and internal calls on the Microsoft Teams app. Calling integrates seamlessly with your current environment and allows you to take control of your phone system.

Do you still need convincing? Here is what Katie had to say about why she knew Teams Calling was the phone solution her team needed:

“Over the last two years of having a hybrid work-from-home structure, it became very apparent to me that we needed to have easy access to our phone system. Each of our team members had desktop phones at the office. Checking voicemails and receiving calls worked, but it was such a hassle. When we were presented with an option for Teams Calling, I immediately knew it would be a solution to our headaches. It made so much sense because we already live and breathe in Microsoft Teams for collaboration. Our team can check voicemail, send and receive calls all from the app – regardless of where they’re at.”

– Katie S., Managing Director 

Interested in learning more about Microsoft Teams Calling? Contact us to learn about ROAM, our Microsoft Teams Calling Solution. We would be happy to set up a demo.

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