Network Penetration Testing

Defend your business with industry-leading penetration tests. Our experts find out where your business is exposed and give you practical recommendations to help you secure your company data and IT systems.

Uncover Vulnerabilities in Your Network

A penetration test is an authorized simulated attack on your company’s IT infrastructure and staff with the intent to identify and exploit vulnerabilities by seeing where a malicious person may access your business.

At Convergence, each client network penetration test project is performed by a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and is scoped specifically to your compliance requirement or desired outcome.

The end goal of our penetration tests is to improve the overall security posture of your business through result driven insights and recommendations from our cybersecurity experts.

Don’t assume your company data and IT systems are protected. Ask our Certified Ethical Hackers for a Penetration Test to be sure.

Why Get a Network Penetration Test for Your Business?

Identify Your Security Gaps

Prevent breaches and attacks by finding vulnerabilities in your network before a cybercriminal does.

Compliance & Insurance Requirements

Fulfill your industry compliance objectives including PCI DSS, SOC2, ISO27001 and meet your cyber insurance requirements. 

Keep Your Customers Data Safe

You have an obligation to keep your customers data safe. Help build trust with them by performing regular penetration testing.

Types of Network Penetration Testing

Our security experts perform five types of penetration testing: Internal Network, External Network, Social Engineering, Wireless and Physical Security. 

An external penetration test focuses on the IT infrastructure that can be accessed from outside of the organization’s network (via the public internet). The systems tested could consist of routers, firewalls, servers, on-premises IT systems, and even cloud infrastructure. This type of penetration test allows an organization to understand if and how an attacker can gain access to the internal network from the outside.

An internal penetration test focuses on the IT infrastructure that can only be accessed usually from within an organization’s corporate network. Like an external penetration test, the systems tested could consist of routers, firewalls, servers, on-premises IT systems, and cloud infrastructure. This type of penetration allows an organization to understand what an attack can do within the network once they’ve broken through external defenses.

A wireless penetration test focuses on an organization’s WLAN (wireless local area network) to help identify weaknesses in wireless access points, rogue access points, and an attacker’s ability to identify and examine the connections between devices connected to the WLAN.

A social engineering penetration test focuses on the human aspect of cybersecurity by attempting to bypass security controls through social engineering techniques. The objectives can vary between obtaining sensitive data to gaining access to internal networks/systems. Social engineering penetration tests seek to assess the security controls and responsiveness of the company’s staff in order to improve the overall awareness of staff and the effectiveness of the security tools in place

A physical penetration test focuses on simulating a malicious outsider’s ability to compromise a organization’s physical security controls to gain access to the inside of the buildings, infrastructure, systems, and employees. This also includes gaining access to sensitive information/resources though physical interactions, and often involves aspects of Social Engineering.

Web application penetration tests focus on targeting web-based applications, identifying their vulnerabilities, and attempting to exploit them to gain access to the data being hosted by the web application.

These scans include a deep level of detail about the current state of network security risks within your business.

Security engineers capture a cross-section of information about your network, including patching status and possible software misconfigurations. We create an executive report and a technical report, and present these findings to key stakeholders and your IT staff.

Our Network Penetration Testing Industry Experts

At Convergence, our Why is to Empower People. Through our Penetration Tests your dedicated security engineers will be available as a resource to you throughout your entire journey.

Our security experts have industry certifications and experience including: 

  • eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester v2 (eCPPTv2)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • PenTest+
  • CompTIA Network Vulnerability Assessment Professional (CNVP)
  • eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT)
  • Security + 
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP)
  • Certified CMMI Associate

Why Penetration Testing Matters

Penetration Testing from Convergence Networks

Protect your business.

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