How to Use Delegate to Elevate with Your MSP

Over the last couple of months, we’ve highlighted a few essential tools we use as an EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) company. EOS has made an incredible difference in how we operate, and in many ways, has provided us with clarity around who we want to be as a company and the type of clients we want to serve.

With our team now stretching from Ottawa, Ontario through the midwestern Great Lakes region to the west coast in Portland, Oregon, you can imagine how much we rely on the guidance of EOS to help us pave the way forward. Unifying staff to work together as a single company is crucial to long-term measurable growth, instilling the power of delegation is an important component of empowering people to focus on their unique ability.

Introducing the Delegate to Elevate Tool

The Delegate to Elevate tool is designed to redirect the projects and tasks that aren’t a great fit for the individual so they can excel in their role and focus their time on what they do best. This doesn’t mean the individual no longer owns the accountability for the task, but it means they have the opportunity to delegate the task to someone who has the capacity, understanding, and/or desire to do the task.

Don’t misunderstand us. We’re not saying you should go chucking tasks at other people like a hot grenade! What we are saying is that it is in your best interest, and your company’s, to make sure you are in the right seat with the right tasks and responsibilities.

Using Delegate to Elevate with your MSP

One thing we love about this tool is that it can easily be applied to our working relationship with our clients. Afterall, as a managed service provider + managed security service provider (MS+SP), this is right up our alley! We absolutely love taking on tasks and responsibilities, especially when it comes to security, that aren’t in the wheelhouse of an internal IT department or administrator.

When you use the Delegate to Elevate tool with your MSP, you can say “These are the tasks we are skilled at and have the capacity to do in-house, while these are the tasks that are outside our skillset.” Who better to delegate these tasks to than a company with 170+ people who are incredibly talented and have a passion for helping people?

We commonly use the phrase that the foundation of Convergence Networks is strategy, support, and a passion for people and that we are better together. Coming alongside a company as a true partner and not “just another IT vendor” is something that differentiates us. Have an internal IT team? No problem. Our goal isn’t to pinch them out of a job but rather enable them and partner with them to ensure they can meet their goals as well. Don’t have an internal IT team? Same here, we can step in and support your company as a fully outsourced IT & cybersecurity partner.

When it comes to cybersecurity, many internal IT teams aren’t equipped with the skillset or the capacity to manage the sheer volume of security needs in a company today. It is very complex and takes a lot of time for individuals to become experts. So, while the team members might like to do and have an interest in it, they might not be equipped to properly do the job.  And with security, you don’t want to realize after the fact your team was doing a mediocre job at it or more ‘dabbling’ and knew some key phrases that sounded sophisticated.

By using the Delegate to Elevate tool, you can determine the tasks you:

Delegate to Elevate Example

For the tasks you Don’t Like/Good at and Don’t Like/Not Good at, you should take some time to evaluate why that is. Do you need more training? Do you not like to do the task because you aren’t passionate about it?

Consider the Delegate to Elevate Tool

Consider using the Delegate to Elevate tool with your MSP. It’s important to make sure you and your team have a good understanding of what tasks you can manage internally, but it is also just as important to make sure your MSP is doing the tasks, they are skilled at, enjoy, and have the capacity to do. If your MSP is doing tasks they don’t like to do or aren’t skilled at, it might be time to consider working with a managed service provider that can fully meet your needs and be accountable for those outcomes.

To help you get started with the Delegate to Elevate tool, we supplied you with a template you can download here.

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You can learn more about EOS in our blog post, Right MSP, Right Seat; Applying EOS to Your Relationship with your MSP. If you want to work with a MSP that works within the EOS model contact us.


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