The Advantages of Working with an MSP

The entire landscape of an MSP (Managed Service Provider)  has evolved entirely over the years. IT service providers first started as companies that provided technicians to go on site as requested to fix a few quick repairs or install new equipment. While this still exists today many IT companies have grown to deliver more strategic services.  

If you are a business owner, you likely rely heavily on technology to run everyday business operations. Whether your IT team is large, small or you do not have one, you should be constantly evaluating the best use of your technology and whether your processes are the most efficient, effective, and secure. If you are not an IT expert it might be hard to know what is working for your business and what could be improved.  

Even if you have a strong in-house IT team an MSP can work with you as an extension to provide valuable benefits to your business. So, what is the value and why should you work with an MSP provider? Let’s take a look.  

MSP’s provide you with reliable support 

Let’s start with the most basic; 24/7 support. You never know how much you need IT until it isn’t available. Gone are the days of 8-5. Whether you are temporarily locked out of your account, accidentally lost a document or you just can’t access your server you need instant access to solve your IT problems. By always having a team behind you and your business, you can rest assured knowing both your system and staff downtime will be minimized whenever possible. When you need support, you have it, regardless of the day or time.  

By working with an MSP, like Convergence Networks, you will partner with a dedicated team that has the best and most passionate technology professionals under one roof to build IT solutions that have real impact on your business. You will have an entire organization behind you that is committed to learning new technology and changing with technology and security trends. MSP’s understand the importance your IT infrastructure has on your business, and they make it their priority to proactively monitor and manage threats.   

Establish a proactive and long-term IT strategy  

The right MSP partner can work with you to map where you are today and what next steps might look like for you within your technology landscape to achieve your business goals. By understanding your long-term goals your dedicated expert will ensure you have the right technology, policies, and processes in place to move forward.  

As a business leader you want to know your investment in technology has positive long-term impacts. MSP’s are continuously looking at new technologies that can be deployed to fill the gaps between standard operating procedures and emerging technologies. They will connect your long-term plan with the right technology to ensure your business moves forward in the most secure way. The right MSP partner can help you work through where you are today and what next steps might look like for you to improve security and help protect your company without getting in the way of your business.  

Security top of mind  

Threats are becoming more sophisticated and traditional technologies are no longer enough to protect businesses from cyberattacks. Small businesses need to work with professionals that can identify solutions that are secure and work with your business model. By working with an IT provider that puts security first it is not only valuable but necessary for businesses with today’s very sophisticated threat landscape. 

In the last few months, we have seen ransomware attacks like the Colonial Pipeline breach, JBS and most recently, Kaseya (to name a few) fill our news feeds. For every large enterprise that falls victim to a publicly disclosed security breach there are just that many more occurring daily among small businesses. The average cost of a data breach was $3.86 million as reported from IBM and Ponemon Institute.  By working with an MSP that puts security first you can rest assured knowing your MSP will monitor risks and recommend the best technologies, practices, and policies in place to keep your company secure. 

While working with an MPS will help you monitor threats it is important to note that not all MSP’s treat security the same. This is especially true in the recent Kaseya attack where nearly 60 MSP’s and ,1500 of their clients unfortunately, found themselves victim to ransomware. In an every-changing digital landscape MSP’s are often themselves targets to the most sophisticated attacks which makes it even more important as a business to prioritize working with an MSP that is proactive and puts security first.  

Allow your business to achieve growth 

Today, business leaders are facing more competitive markets, higher technology expectations from customers and employees, and more robust security risks. By working with an MSP that understands your technology landscape it frees up time, and ultimately allows you, the business owner to do what matters most – grow your value offering and focus on your business.   

Choosing the right MSP partner today can help you reach your business objectives in the future. The ideal MSP team will ensure you receive value by providing you with reliable support, proactive planning, while security top of mind and will ultimately ensure your goals are met. If you are ready to explore your options and start your journey with an MSP that puts security first, contact us.  


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