Why We Like the Microsoft Bookings App

We are busy people and it can be hard to coordinate a time to meet with your customers, contacts, and coworkers. If you are someone who goes back and forth on emails trying to find an available time in your calendar it might be time for you to explore a booking or scheduling app, like Microsoft Bookings. 

What is a scheduling app? 

scheduling, or booking app is an online tool that can be used to instantly book appointments that fit in your calendar. An app like this can help you schedule a meeting or an appointment without relying on timely email replies to pick a time that works for all parties. A system like this works great for everyone involved – Customers or contacts book a time that works for them based on your calendar availability and if they need to reschedule or cancel, they can easily do it themselves without needing to confirm a new time will work. Many people are familiar with apps like Calendly but our preference is that we leverage Microsoft 365 and use the Microsoft Bookings app.  Microsoft Bookings is a scheduling tool that integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 calendar.  

How do scheduling apps work? 

Scheduling apps work by integrating with your calendar and offering times that wok with your availability based on all calendars you have integrated, including both personal and professional. You can open your schedule to days and times that work for you. 

Why we like Microsoft Bookings 

There are 2 main reasons why we prefer Microsoft Bookings over other scheduling apps. 

  • Efficient to use – The Microsoft Bookings app is easy to use and ultimately allows you (and your staff) to save time. You can easily integrate Microsoft Bookings with your Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Microsoft Teams application to allow contacts to see real time calendar availability instead of emailing back and forth to find a time that works. If something pops up and a contact needs to cancel or reschedule the appointment the app allows them to do it themselves. With Microsoft Bookings you can embed your scheduling link on your website or in your email signature for contacts to get access without requesting it first. 
  • Customizable – Microsoft Bookings has many customizable options for your company including the ability to create your own forms to include different meeting options for certain departments or different meeting types. The app also allows you to input your own branding so the scheduling page can be an extension of your company website.   

In today’s world where we are all looking for ways to make the most of our time, a scheduling application can help limit the challenges, and sometimes frustration, of back-and-forth emails when setting a time to meet with the people you want to connect with. If you are interested in exploring what Microsoft Bookings might look like for your business contact us to learn more. We can help you implement this project.  


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