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Training is the key to prevent yourself, or your team, from falling victim to phishing attacks and exposing your network. Cyber criminals are really good at tricking email recipients into taking action without considering the possible danger. That makes prevention an important part of your overall cyber security plan.

This cheat sheet will help inform or remind your team of how to prevent those knee-jerk reactions with easy to follow DO’s, DON’Ts and NEVERs. Download it, post it, share it, talk about it.

Phishing Attacks Are Everywhere, Hit Everyone


United States organizations that have experienced a successful phishing attack


The amount of malware that’s delivered by email


Recorded security incidents that have involved phishing


Phishing sites that Google registered as of Jan 17, 2021

according to data

Start training your team to spot phishing attacks by downloading our cheat sheet. This simple and easy-to-follow guide quickly lays out the DO’s, DON’Ts and NEVERs of email safety. Use it for yourself, share with your team and post in your offices.

The one-page guide covers:

4 things you DON'T want to do if and when you receive emails, phone calls or other communications.

4 things you should NEVER do if you want to avoid falling victim to phishing attacks.

5 things you can DO to protect yourself from attacks.

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