5 Ways Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your Business

The world is changing quickly, and it’s all too easy for your business to fall behind the competition if you aren’t proactive. Fortunately, Microsoft Office 365 is a platform that helps your business keep pace in a hybrid world. Here are five ways that Microsoft Office 365 can help set your organization apart:


Whether in the office, at home, an off-site meeting, or working out of the country, your staff need to be able to securely connect to business data. With Microsoft Office 365, you and your team can access all your important contacts, emails, documents, and calendars from anywhere. Whether on a mobile device, tablet, PC, or Mac, you can always be connected, when you need to be.


Nothing is worse than investing in an expensive business application only to find your employees don’t use it. When you factor in training time and the associated loss of productivity as employees learn how to use the new products, is it even worth it? Office 365, on the other hand, is a platform that most people are familiar with and know how to use. Over a million companies worldwide are already using it, with more than 879,851 companies in the United States alone using the office suite software. Apps like Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are intuitive and user-friendly. Enjoy a smooth transition process and the benefit of easy adoption throughout your company.

Collaboration & Communication

Your teams expect that they should be able to work from anywhere – and they can with Microsoft Office 365 solutions. Office 365 uses cloud technology to maximize productivity, so it’s easier than ever for your team to share documents, projects, and connect with one another. They can work together from anywhere and produce high-quality results fast, with real-time tracking capabilities and collaborative features. Tools like Microsoft Teams provide employees the ability to connect with one another via chat, groups, and calling. And, with over 270 million monthly active users, Office 365’s Microsoft Teams tool has become one of the largest all-in-one communication platforms worldwide.

Flexible Plans

Office 365 works as well for small businesses as it does for multinational corporations. Whether your company is heavily reliant on computers or just needs mobile management of contacts and documents, there is a plan that suits your needs. The cost of your product license depends on the business’ individual requirements and solutions types, which are completely customizable. As your company grows and your technological demands mature and change, you can adjust to a bigger plan for a seamless and cost-effective transition.

Secure Storage on the Cloud

Microsoft Office 365 has built-in robust security measures including two-factor authentication (MFA) and threat detection to protect your valuable data against common attacks like malware, viruses, spam, and phishing. As a business leader you have an obligation to make sure your company is safe, and by using Office 365 you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your business data is protected.

While many business leaders known about the importance of ransomware protection, they also need to consider physical hardware fails, and the impacts of human error. Cloud Storage ensures your business data is safe from both external threats and physical hardware failure. As long as you are connected to the internet your team can access your data on the cloud to keep your operations going and reduce downtime if disaster strikes.

Want to learn more about making the switch to Office 365 products and how you can use their suite of programs to increase productivity for your team? Schedule a call with us, we’ll help guide your business to a solution that works.


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