Save Time, Money and Headaches with Our IT Usage Policy Template

Spending too much time and worry on an IT usage policy? Feeling vulnerable? Not sure if your employees know proper tech policies? All of this can leave your company at great risk. We welcome you to grab our pre-written IT usage policy template and make it your own.  

We’re offering this template to make drafting a policy painless. Save time and feel more secure. This policy covers everything you need to review with your employees.  

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Review this policy with employees today (and every year) to enhance your security

Why Do You Need a Usage Policy?

As you may know, employees often represent the biggest threat to security. Lack of knowledge, inattention and human error can lead to huge vulnerabilities. This document is meant to provide employees with rules to abide by when using technology resources to do their jobs. 

A good template helps by clearly stating consequences for not following the policy. 

A comprehensive approach to this topic helps everyone understand how to:

Safeguard confidential information

Use computers and devices in a secure manner

Notify the proper people in case of possible security issues

The template outlines employee responsibilities and accountability over a range of subjects.

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