Grab Our Printable Ransomware Response Checklist

Worried about what to do in a ransomware attack? Use our Ransomware Response Checklist to guide your team in the case of a possible attack. This simple checklist will help your team act fast and feel confident.

A short list of ransomware response measures

Tips for how to eradicate the threat and get your business back up and running quickly

Easy steps for preventing future ransomware attacks

Know What to Do in a Ransomware Attack


Do your employees know to capture the strain and who to notify? This section spells out immediate steps.


Follow these steps to get back up and running fast. Plus, find credible ransom resources.


From employee training to security measures worth the investment, see simple steps to check off as you complete them.

Download now and feel more prepared

This simple checklist includes easy reminders of what to do in case of a ransomware attack.

Ransomware Response Download - Convergence Networks
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