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Defend your Microsoft-integrated business with industry-leading penetration tests and network vulnerability scans. Our experts find out where your business is exposed and give you immediate solutions to help you secure your company.

Does Your Business Use Microsoft Services?

Modern companies are becoming increasingly integrated with Microsoft software. Unfortunately, this also means that hackers are becoming more focused and skilled at infiltrating these systems. These hackers can pinpoint where your Microsoft systems are vulnerable and use them to gain access to your business. From there, they can hijack company assets, access employee information, steal user data, and do many more things that cause mayhem in your business.

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If you use any of the following Microsoft services, here’s how our experts can help secure your business:

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium Licenses

Protect your business against cyberthreats and safeguard your data and devices.

Microsoft Teams

Ensure your employee communications stay private to your company.

SharePoint / SharePoint Online

Secure your online SharePoint data.

Microsoft Authenticator

Ensure your multi-factor authentication is protecting you like it should.

Microsoft Access

Validate that your conditional access policies are working properly.


Protect your communications by securing your Outlook Email.

Penetration Tests

A penetration test is an authorized, simulated attack against your company’s IT infrastructure by one of our certified “hackers”. It is intended to identify and exploit vulnerabilities by seeing where a malicious person may access your business and do damage.

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Network Vulnerability Scans

Our security engineers capture a cross-section of information about your network, including patching status and possible software misconfigurations. After collecting and analyzing the information, we create an Executive Report and present it to your key stakeholders.

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If your business relies on Microsoft, you need a way to see where your company is vulnerable to infiltration so you can defend it properly. Our penetration tests and network vulnerability scans help you identify if your business is exposed, and our team of experts offer strategies to make your business immune to hackers.

Protect your Microsoft business.

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